The exponential increase of data creation today, is making robust and cutting-edge cryptography essential for privacy and confidentiality


Cryptographic techniques of yesterday are inadequate for airtight data protection and secure computation


Zero-knowledge proofs, secure enclaves, and multi-party computation allow for private data manipulation that hasn’t been possible before

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We provide solutions for Analytics on confidential datasets

At decentriq we are working at the intersection between trust, privacy and transparency

These pain points can be turned into a competitive advantage for our customers by employing cryptographic applications such as multi-party computation or zero-knowledge proofs

We leverage state of the
art cryptography
research and
development to provide
solutions to real business

Decentriq applies
zero-knowledge proofs and multi-party computation
to enable:

  • Verified icon

    Verified computation

  • Confidentiality icon

    Data confidentiality on Machine Learning

  • Data icon

    Providing analytics results
    without ever disclosing the sensitive data


We make sure that we provide solutions that
never reveal any kind of confidential data
and can be applied today in industrial scale


Privacy is a right that gets threatened by the increase of
data available. We make sure that any dataset can be
used in a privacy preserving way

immediate pain-points.

Zokrates tool-box
enabling zk-SNARKs on
Ethereum blockchain
From blockchain to cooperation
applying zero-knowledge proofs
Cases: proof-of-funds and e-voting
and Enclaves
for private data
Tool-set to provide
sensitive training data for
artificial intelligence
Integrated product
suite allowing
encrypted solutions for
verified computation,
data analytics and
deep learning
We want to deliver products with clear
value to our customers. Our product
pipeline is based on our target of
implementing usable cutting-edge
cryptographic solutions
Our team’s bacground allows us to draw
experience and knowledge from an extremely
diverse universe of industries and academia. We
are collaborating with industry experts to directly
translate research to applications


Diverse team of almost ten nationalities across two locations


Strong academic foot-prints from ETH Zurich and University of St. Gallen


Previous positions at BMW, Teralytics, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Glencore…


Alpenstrasse 2
6301 Zug, Switzerland


Join the Team

If you are passionate about technology and you are interested in enabling scaled data privacy for everyone, then apply in the positions below

Expert in Sales for Pharma IT solutions

Product Manager (Focus: Pharmaceuticals/ Healthcare/BioTech)

We are always looking for exceptional talent, so if you don't see any position that fits you, send us an email at info@decentriq.ch ,and we will be in contact with you