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Confidential Query

Organizations today have no option but to be data-driven. But being data-driven means navigating the dilemma of utilizing your data succesfully or facing catastrophic data leaks.

At decentriq we know that your data is both a valuable resource but also big potential risk. We help you navigate the complexity of doing data strategy right.

Accessing and utilizing data is the building block of the current data revolution. However, it is still gated behind inefficient processes that add complexity and increase the data leakage risk. We believe that being a data-centric organization is all about extracting value from data and not spending time handling it. With Confidential Query we present a holistic framework for analysing, sharing, and controling data where data is protected by design.

How we do it

Powered by Confidential Computing we employ the latest advancements in cloud computing and cryptography to ensure a new way to interact with data. Our technology ensures a confidentiality-by-design approach that ensures that data is protected at all stages of your workflow; from keeping it safe at rest, at transit and even during computation.

Unlock new data with Confidential Query

We make the access to previously unattainable insights an effortless process. Worrying about data safety, confidentiality and control is a thing of the past. With Confidential Query you can use familiar SQL to draw insights from any local or federated dataset while maintaining complete confidentiality and control.

Collaborate on data seamlessly

With Confidential Query, collaborating on data has never been easier. Internal and external analysts can perform confidential statistics on any dataset, without learning a new workflow and without having to deal with complex policies or contracts.


Data Analyst

Perform confidential statistics on a dataset without having access to the underlying data. All this using familiar SQL.

circled-arrows SQL API Normal Query arrow-circled-long Confidential Result

E.g. Microsoft Azure Confidential Computing Instance

Encrypted data arrow-circled-long Ingestion API circled-arrows

Data owner

Ensure ownership and control over the data. Absolute confidentiality with retraction option at any time, while being sure that no data has been leaked.

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