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Confidential Machine Learning Inference

Avato's Confidential ML Inference product allows running machine learning (ML) inference in a privacy-preserving and secure way. When performing inference with avato, the data and the model are provably kept confidential from all parties, including decentriq and any infrastructure provider.

Protect your model IP

Avato's Confidential ML Inference integrates seamlessly into workflows without compromising speed and scalability. This opens up fundamentally new ways for model owners to utilize and monetize their models while protecting intellectual property of their models and data privacy of their users.

Avoid on-premise deployments

Confidential ML Inference keeps provable confidential any data fed to any model, unlocking the possibility to take advantage of easy cloud deployment even in the most privacy-strict environments.


Data scientist

Scalable ML model cloud deployment, while having full IP protection

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Deployed in the Cloud

Encrypted model arrow-circled-long Encrypted model Ingestion API circled-arrows

Data owner

Secure data sharing, while having full control over what happens with the data

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